Pickleball Scoring App is a simple and effective way to track your scores using your Apple Watch and iPhone.


  1. Install the Pickleball Scoring App from the App Store
  2. Create an account
  3. Start scoring


After the software is installed and your account created, load the app on your Apple Watch. You will see a START screen. Tap the ball to get started.

Next, you will see a scoring screen: green for you, red for your opponent. As each point is earned, increment the appropriate side. If you make a mistake, simply decrement until you reach the correct number.

When finished, click the back button to start scoring a new game


On your iPhone, you can review the scores of all the games you played, including ones in the past. To choose a given day, click the calendar icon and pick a day. If a day is grayed out, it has no data for your inspection.


You can easily reorder balls for fast delivery by choosing the ball on the screen. You will be taken to the CROWN PICKLEBALL store, and can complete the transaction there.

Questions? Please send any inquiries to the CROWN PICKLEBALL TEAM!

Thank you!