Topspin Can Change Your Pickleball Game

Topspin Can Change Your Pickleball Game

Are you looking to take your pickleball game to the next level? One skill that can greatly enhance your performance is the ability to create topspin on your baseline shots and drives. Topspin not only adds power to your shots, but it also allows you to control the trajectory of the ball, making it more difficult for your opponent to return. In this blog post, we will explore how to create topspin on a pickleball baseline shot/drive and discuss the differences between how the pros do it versus recreational play.

What is topspin and why is it important?

Topspin is a type of spin that causes the ball to rotate forward as it travels through the air. When applied correctly, topspin can make the ball dip down quickly after crossing the net, making it challenging for your opponent to return. It also adds power to your shots, allowing you to hit the ball harder without sacrificing control.

How do the pros create topspin?

Professional pickleball players have mastered the art of creating topspin on their baseline shots and drives. Here are a few techniques they use:

1. Proper grip: The pros use a continental grip, which allows for better control and spin generation.

2. Brushing the ball: Instead of hitting the ball flat, the pros brush the ball with their paddle, creating friction and spin.

3. Follow-through: A smooth and exaggerated follow-through helps generate topspin and adds power to the shot.

Creating topspin in recreational play

While recreationally playing pickleball, you may not have the same level of skill and technique as the pros. However, there are still ways to create topspin and improve your shots:

1. Grip: Experiment with different grips to find one that feels comfortable and allows you to generate spin.

2. Wrist snap: Snap your wrist at the point of contact with the ball to add spin.

3. Practice: The more you practice, the better you will become at creating topspin. Focus on brushing the ball and developing a smooth follow-through.


Creating topspin on a pickleball baseline shot/drive can take your game to new heights. Whether you are a recreational player or aspire to play like the pros, incorporating topspin into your shots will add power, control, and make it more challenging for your opponents to return. Remember to experiment with different grips, practice your technique, and most importantly, have fun on the court!

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