I LOVE PICKLEBALL! And there's a good chance you do too! That's why I have no desire to be a vibe-killer if you're not happy with your CROWN PICKLEBALL purchase!

If you don't like our product, or if you think it's busted somehow, our guarantee is simple: we'll refund or replace. No questions asked. But, you may have to pay for shipping since we pay for it upfront. We may also ask a couple of questions, like what's your order number or can you send some pictures—not because we don't believe you! But that we're trying our best to enhance your pickleball vibe and to improve ourselves as well! LETSGO! 🔥



Since you're here, I would also like to point out some basics about our ball. It's a piece of plastic. It is not indestructible. It will crack if you subject it to lots and lots of abuse, weather or pressure! It WILL go out of round probably at some point! IT IS PLASTIC! 😆 Sometimes if you keep hitting it, the ball will go back in round. The same can be said for any pickleball brand in the marketplace.

What makes us unique, however... for a great price, we're nearly one of the hardest balls (too hard is actually bad for the ball and your game)... and far from one of the gushiest (no power or control). Our balls are incredibly easy-to-see, last a long time under normal conditions/play, and spin probably the best in the market! If you have any problems, questions, or suggestions, we would love to hear from you!