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CROWN PICKLEBALL - High-Performance INDOOR Pickleballs (100-PACK LEMON)

CROWN PICKLEBALL - High-Performance INDOOR Pickleballs (100-PACK LEMON)

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Standard 26-hole Indoor Pickleball (weight 26g & 7.5cm)


We love our balls! And we hope you do to! We will make sure you are 100% satisfied!


  • Great visibility
  • Ultra-fast spin
  • Made for indoor floors (hardwood, indoor/outdoor carpet, etc)
  • Extreme accuracy
  • Great for competition or recreation
  • Preferred drilling ball

WE CONSISTENTLY GET GREAT FEEDBACK FROM PLAYERS! This is a top ball for a great value! If you're not satisfied, we will either replace or refund your money! No warranty gimmicks or questions asked. We promise! 

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Customer Reviews

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G Schminke (Santa Fe, Tennessee, United States)
Goodish ball, but one out of 3 cracked very fast.

Goodish ball, but one out of 3 cracked. After playing with a hard banger, one of the balls split at where the seam would be in the molding process. Ball played like the Onix Fuse, and honestly, for the price, it's still a great ball. But maybe Crown should work on the durability of their indoor balls a little. I am a huge fan of Crown in general, but had to leave an honest review so they could improve.

Thanks for the feedback! Always love hearing that we're a top—albeit imperfect—pickleball! YES! we have receieved some other observations that under big duress, the balls can crack. But that's more the exception as most indoor play isn't banging at an outdoor level. That said, we are already changing our formula to make them slightly harder. We should have new inventory around Summer!